About us

Here at Petal Accessories it's all about colour.  We specialise in women's accessories and  our displays of handbags, scarves, gloves and costume jewellery  are all displayed by colour.  We always have our staple colours of black, brown, red and navy, but then we add new colours each season so it will be easy for our customers to match their accessories to their new season's clothes.  We have now introduced into our Beverley shop a small range of one size fits all tops and in both shops and online we have a range of wraps and ponchos. 

For autumn and winter 2020 our colours are green, grey tan and pale pink.
We hope our shops have an up-market feel to them, but as always we keep our prices as low as possible, with handbags starting at under £20 and even our gorgeous top-of-the range leather bags still come in at under £100.